The Fight Night series began April 5, 2004 with Fight Night 2004. The entire series is published by EA Sports.

Fight Night 2004Edit

Fight Night 2004 was released April 5, 2004. Boxer Roy Jones, Jr. is on the cover.

Fight Night Round 2Edit

Fight Night Round 2 was released February 28, 2005. Boxer Bernard Hopkins is on the cover.

Fight Night Round 3Edit

Fight Night Round 3 was released February 20, 2006. Boxers Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward are on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox covers. Oscar De Le Hoya is on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PSP covers.

Fight Night Round 4Edit

Fight Night Round 4 was released June 25, 2009. Boxers Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are on the cover.

The CoversEdit

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